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Dive Clearwaters new boat, SAFA

New boat, just in time ready for the 2015 season, We are going to raise the bar on !

Welcome To Dive Clearwater

Dive Clearwater is starting the 2015 season by raising the bar on customer comfort. We have just purchased boat number 8 ! Since 1979 we have always lead the way. Come dive with us on our new spacious 32 ft, Dick Sermons designed custom dive boat ! More back deck room , plenty of padded seating , lots of shade, and we even have a sun deck ! PLUNGER has all the latest electronics, fresh water shower, and cooler space for food & drinks and a separate cooler for your fresh fish. To top it off, she's fast ! Cruising over 20 knots on those calm beautiful days on the Gulf.

The Gulf of Mexico offers some fantastic and diverse dive sites. Colorful reefs, fantastic wrecks, and abundant marine life are the earmark of Gulf diving. Most of the dive sites that we visit are located within an hour or two of the Clearwater Municipal Marina. During the brief travel times you can catch some rays on our sundeck or swap stories with the other divers. Some of our more popular dive sites are listed in the navigation menu to the left. Click on a site to see a more detailed description of the site and, soon, some photographs.

Spearfishing: **IMPORTANT: Effective March 1, 2015 ** Spearfishing is available by private charter only, no exceptions! Private 3 tank spearfishing charters are available for you and five guests (6 passengers total) for $1,800 and that price includes three 80cuft aluminium tanks filled with air (21%). All divers must have (mandatory): dive computers, BCs with power inflators and a secondary octo/regulator. Sorry, no rebreathers, double tank configurations, power heads or hand guns allowed aboard the Plunger. Prepayment by check, there is a 72 hour cancellation policy.

Reef and Wreck Diving: The Plunger visits wonderful reefs starting from 4 miles up to 20 miles off shore. You can see our beautiful reefs covered in all kinds of hard and soft corals in vibrant colors all teeming with life. We also have a wonderful artificla reef program in Pinellas Country Florida as part of our Wreck diving which includes "The Sheridan" and many other sites.

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